Aye-Aye Books Artist Book Launch

  • CCA 350 Sauchiehall St Glasgow, G2 3JD United Kingdom

As a post-industrial city, Glasgow has a glut of derelict land. Over recent years the city has witnessed a growth in community gardens. These places and the groups that maintain them are playing a significant role in re-shaping both the city’s landscape and its relationship with food and community.

Blair Cunningham has documented this grass-roots regeneration across the city, his artist book represents a glimpse of another Glasgow, one that generates new forms of value in places and people beyond neoliberalism.

This artwork is derived from a larger body of research by Dr John Crossan, Profs Andrew Cumbers, Robert McMaster and Deirdre Shaw at the University of Glasgow, which considers community gardening as an example of a more caring city.

The work is published by Aye-Aye Books, please join us at the launch in the company of the artist and other participants.

2pm, Free and unticketed, Theatre
All ages

August 22
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