Trend-setting iPhone photo exhibition

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Trend-setting iPhone photo exhibition to open at Skypark 

Skypark invites artists to pitch exhibition ideas

From 8th June, Skypark, Scotland’s biggest business hub, will host a photography exhibition with a unique twist: all the photos featured will have been taken and edited with the use of an iPhone and iPad to create a mobile studio.

iPhone Photography is a trend setting new exhibition by photographer and artist Riel Noir,  that will feature 24 framed fine art giclée prints and other iPhone artwork printed onto textiles. 

Riel Noir the artist says, “My exhibition is a response to the advances in technology that iPhone and smartphone cameras have undergone.  There’s a range of camera apps and picture editing software available to everyone. Smartphone photography is so exciting, because it is the new frontier in photography with affordable apps that allow everyone to explore their creative side.”

Skypark offers Scotland’s first business hotel concept, resulting in a cutting-edge campus, atmosphere and services from the Finnieston site.   The donated art gallery was established in 2011 to showcase art to thousands of workers as they go about their business.

Angela Higgins, asset manager of Skypark said: “Riel Noir’s exhibition is at the cutting edge of where art and technology meet. It’s great to be able to give her work a platform that will appeal to people here. We are big supporters of the Glasgow arts scene and are inviting other artists to get in touch with their exhibition ideas.”

Riel, who studied at Glasgow School of Art, has exhibited extensively in the UK and Denmark and is leading an iPhone Photography workshop at Strathclyde University on 27th July.   She added: “The course will provide a starting point for those wishing to improve their photographs by learning how to employ apps with filters that can alter and improve the nature of their photos. I think the reason why the iPhone works so well as a camera is because it’s the camera that’s always with you!”

Riel Noir’s iPhone Photography exhibition is free and will run from 8th June in Skypark 1 between 9am to 5pm.

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