The Persistence of Objects

  • The Common Guild 21 Woodlands Terrace Glasgow, G3 6DF United Kingdom

The Persistence of Objects
20 June – 30 August 2015
Lismore Castle Arts, Ireland

The Common Guild will be presenting an ambitious, multi-sited group exhibition at Lismore Castle Arts, marking the tenth year of visual arts projects at Lismore. Entitled ‘The Persistence of Objects’, the exhibition will include works by leading international artists, in a range of new and recent works in diverse media.

‘The Persistence of Objects’ offers an observation of concrete things that defy change, through a range of diverse approaches and perspectives. These may be objects that have endured through ages or generations, the immutable remnants of previous times – such as the 11th century relics found in Lismore Cathedral – or simple, timeless, constants occurring in nature in the face of radical and dramatic changes in the world they inhabit.

Artists participating in the exhibition each make works that in some way approach the object. For some, it is the changing cultural associations, meanings and values that accrue to objects over time that is the focus of their interest, while for others the sheer, dumb universality and constancy of the persistent object that is brought to the fore.

Reaching beyond the Castle grounds for the first time, the exhibition is intended to create new routes for audiences into contemporary art in Lismore, both for existent visitors to the Castle gardens, to find interesting and engaging points of contact for those discovering the town through the artworks. It aims to attract a more substantial and diverse audience through its positioning in the town, building on the previous years’ exhibitions.

Full details of the exhibition, including the participating artists, will be announced in spring 2015.