Staying In

  • Transmission 28 King St Glasgow, G1 5QP United Kingdom

Staying In
A screening of films presented by Victor & Hester at Transmission, Glasgow. 
Recital, Stephanie Beroes (1978, USA, 20 mins, 16mm) 
Chameleon, Tanya Mahboob Syed (1990, UK, 4 mins, 16mm)  
Unfolding, Alia Syed (1988, UK, 20 mins, 16mm)

Supported by LUX Scotland, distributed by LUX and Cinenova

Thursday 2 April 2015
7pm – 9pm
Staying In


…we were interested in ways of contextualising these films with some current thoughts around letter writing, and other forms of correspondence, conversation and chatter. In Chameleon the textures, the closeness and mirroring made us feel disorientated, and we were looking to somehow reorientate ourselves through language, or what might ride the edge of it. We saw the space of the letter in Recital as potentially launching us into an imagined space too. These are initial thoughts... and saw connections here with what you said regarding the conversation between the two women sharing their works. The contrast set up in Chameleon between the interiorities (or tactile languages?) of the woman alone in her home, and the street scene at the end (with the more oblique chatter) was interesting to think about in terms of different forms (and their moments) of communication. Going out, being outside, outsideness. In Unfolding, inside the Laundromat, inside the machine, or inside the storyteller’s constructions, there is something pressing from either side. Outside spaces and repressed surplus energies – we were wanting to think through their positions regarding the need for space, the need to bring into being a language that could stretch out and accommodate something else…
This event is part of the exhibition VH-16-22-7-12-3-22-5 Dreams of Machines, Victor & Hester at Transmission, Glasgow (31 March - 25 April 2015)