GFF: Sea Without Shore

  • GFT 12 Rose St Glasgow, G3 6RB United Kingdom

Directors: André Semenza, Fernanda Lippi. Brazil/UK/Sweden 2015, 1h31m, Swedish with subtitles

André Semenza and Fernanda Lippi of the renowned Zikzira Physical Theatre mark their feature debut in Sea Without Shore: a mix of cinematic physical theatre and dance with sound design overseen by the Oscar-winning Glenn Freemantle and a soundtrack by The Hafler Trio. Set in the remote forested landscapes of 19th century Sweden, the film follows the amorous relationship between two young women as it is abruptly cut short. This leads to an emotional journey through love and loss, utilising emotive physical performance and breathtaking cinematography to hauntingly poetic effect. Glenn Freemantle will be in attendance for a post-screening Q+A, alongside directors André Semenza and Fernanda Lippi.

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