GFF: Nancy Holt: Sun Tunnels / Revolve

  • CCA 350 Sauchiehall St Glasgow, G2 3JD United Kingdom

Margaret Tait Award-winner for 2014 Charlotte Prodger will introduce this double-bill of work by pioneering American artist and filmmaker Nancy Holt (1938-2014). Charlotte will also discuss her own practice and the inspiration she has drawn from Nancy Holt’s work at the event, ahead of her own Margaret Tait Award screening. The screening of these two pieces will also be accompanied with a Q&A with Charlotte and Isla Leaver-Yap (LUX Scotland).

Sun Tunnels

Documenting Holt’s eponymous site-specific construction in the Utah desert, Sun Tunnels not only reflects on the process of undertaking such a large artistic project, but records the relationship with the work and its environment. Completed in 1976, the sculpture itself consists of four tunnels, eight feet long and nine feet in diameter, positioned so as to align with the sunrise and sunset at the summer and winter solstices and allowing light to pass through, casting shadows and patterns on its surroundings. Charting the daily and yearly cycles of the sun, and contrasting vast desert landscapes with the human scale of the sculpture, Sun Tunnels is a stunning reflection on nature, sculpture, and human relationships with each. 


Documenting her close friend Dennis Wheeler’s personal narrative of his battle with leukaemia, Holt modulates Wheeler’s narrative through the use of multiple camera angles and repetitions to arrive at a point where the personal is intrinsic to the conceptual. In doing so, Wheeler’s narrative transcends pain and becomes a site for artistic and metaphysical reflection.

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