Crossing the Line 2015

  • Glasgow

Now in its fourth year, Glasgow Film Festival’s Crossing the Line programme strand showcases experimental and artist films, from Glasgow’s vibrant contemporary art scene and around the world. Featuring work by some of the most innovative artists from Glasgow’s world-famous contemporary art scene as well as some excellent international artists and filmmakers, the 2015 programme combines special events co-curated with Glasgow-based organisations LUX Scotland, MAP and CCA with one-off screenings, panel discussions, and exciting pop-up events. 

This year’s Crossing the Line expands upon the relationship between cinema and visual art into the fields of music and poetry, with world premieres of unique experimental works, installations combined with live performances, and boundary-breaking productions from emerging artists. 

The programme also contains four screenings exploring the relationship between film and sound. Square Legs, Round Bowls is an event dedicated to this relationship, featuring work by composers, filmmakers and visual artists, and seeks to discuss the overlaps between these labels. Sea Without Shore features a haunting soundtrack from The Hafler Trio, as well as sound designed by Oscar-winning Glenn Freemantle. Reading in the Dark takes language as its focus, while AlgoRhythm seeks to investigate audience participation and interaction through installations and live performance. 

Crossing the Line 2015 also presents several new works documenting social experiments. From the communal architecture project of ‘t Karregat, featured in Beauty and the Right to the Ugly, to the development of a nation whose statehood is contested in Letters to Max, and one group’s striving to achieve a state of expanded consciousness in Our Extra-Sensory Selves, the programme not only blurs the divisions between filmmaking and visual art, but also the boundaries of artistic creation and human experience.

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