Turner Prize Thursday - Assemble Talk Collective Action: What are we playing at?

  • Tramway 25 Albert Drive Glasgow, G41 2PE United Kingdom

Join us a for a very special Turner Prize Thursday featuring Assemble, the art collectivenominated for Turner Prize 2015.

Assemble will invite an open discussion about their work in the Granby Four Streets in Liverpool and Dalmarnock, East Glasgow. They will present some of their ideas about the ongoing role that play and artistic practice have in these two contexts, asking how deeply these kinds of behaviours can impact communities compared to other, wider drivers of change in the contemporary city. 

In the course of the evening they will discuss the problem of participation, the balance between intervention and collective action and the unstable role of the artist / architect in community based projects.

This event is supported by Outset Scotland.

Find out more here: www.tramway.org