G.A.G With Talks by Guillaume Adjutor Provost & Ross White

  • Saramago Café Bar 350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow, G2 3JD United Kingdom

Guillaume Adjutor Provost is a Montreal based artist with a PhD from the UQAM | Université du Québec à Montréal and Masters and Undergradute Degrees from Université Laval. Guillaume works across performance, installation and sculptural platforms. Recent exhibitions include The New Gallery, inedited, Calgary and Ve.Sch, Dark Under Eye Circles, commissaire : Julian Feritsch, Vienne.

Ross Whyte is a PhD graduate from University of Aberdeen in impermanence in audio-visual intermedia. He received several awards including the Chris Cadwur James Award for Composition, two Derek Ogstor Postgraduate Scholarships and the 2015 Made In Aberdeen Prize.

November 21
The Ultimate Vessel
December 12
White Mountain