International Artist Initiated: RM

  • Glasgow Transport Boxing Gym 136 Fordneuk St Glasgow, G40 3AH United Kingdom

David Dale Gallery presents:

Auckland, New Zealand


Xin Cheng and Chris Berthelsen, David E. Cooper, Sonya Lacey, Dave Marshall, Mata Aho Collective, Raised By Wolves, Sarah Rose, Ella Sutherland, James Wylie, among other contributors.

Since 2009 an integral part of RM has been the project office – a dedicated part of the exhibition space that allows the co-directors of RM to be present and available for visitors, and where meetings take place. It has provided a place where visitors can sit, view the work, hold conversations and engage with the co-directors, artists, and RM’s expanding archive. RM works on the principle that discussion, meetings, admin and paperwork are visible and not hidden away during exhibitions or events. For IAI the concept of the RM’s project office has been transposed to Glasgow and activated by a selection of collaborative projects by New Zealand artists.
Over the last decade New Zealand art has seen a resurgence of collective and self-organised groups, working without dedicated spaces and often beyond the confines of the gallery system, yet acutely engaged with ideas of localism and the community. A number of these collectives and collaborative practices have been invited to contribute to RM’s open office during its temporary relocation to Glasgow.
In response to the Commonwealth Games’ ability to activate a space in which to connect and officiate historic, political and economic relationships between nations, RM’s project office in Glasgow is being utilised as an official meeting point for these disparate and fleeting, yet always collective and locally responsive activities. Invited collaborators are utilising the project office as a working base to develop ongoing research projects and to produce new work. Alongside those working in the space, other collaborative artworks from New Zealand are showcased and utilised to make the space more hospitable. The project office is a place in which we can gather, create new work, maintain existing relationships and produce new ones, through regular office hours, hospitality, nightly screenings, scheduled performances and opportunities for play and exchange.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, RM is a gallery that places the work of local emerging artists alongside more seasoned practitioners. RM seeks to engage with the practices, discourses and modes of presentation that aren’t well-supported or easily accessible in Auckland. Though we look like a white cube, we are more interested in the potentials of an empty room – a space to gather, to think, to talk, to make, to share… Established in 1997, RM is the country’s longest running artist-run-space. The co-directors are William Hsu, Melanie Kung, Fleur Sandbrook, Taarati Taiaroa, and co-founder Nick Spratt.