DIY: Design Classics

  • South Block 60 Osborne St Glasgow, Scotland, G1 United Kingdom

DIY: Design Classics, An exhibition at South Block by Rag & Bone Workshop, Glasgow Wooden Bike project and Kevin Andrew Morris Ceramic Design

30th May - 13th June 2014

This exhibition showcases examples of recent projects and finished previous works from the makers and is a celebration of the current innovative maker culture within the city of Glasgow, uncovering invention, creativity, resourcefulness and a make do and mend approach to problems of everyday life. How we interact within nature and our attempts to contain, harness or even contribute to it through objects in a functional yet playful way, challenging the material and meaning of objects. 

Friday 30th May & Friday 13th May, 3pm – 6pm:
Bicycle Trailer Making & Caprolactone thermoplastic* product making Workshops.

Martin Campbell - Rag and Bone Workshop, William Greensmith - Glasgow Wooden Bike Project & Kevin Andrew Morris-Ceramic Design believe in creating an environment where people can feel empowered by doing, by making, sharing ideas, knowledge and skills. Encourage people to show their potential rather than focus on what they are lacking or have not got. The general public will be given the opportunity to engage, interact, respond and elaborate on the work through these workshops - ‘live’ creative making sessions. Make your own trailer or work with the caprolactone plastic will encourage people to re-use unwanted wood and experiment with rapid three dimensional making techniques using a combination of traditional, reclaimed and new innovative materials. These workshops are free of charge and work in a policy of ‘first come first serve’. R&B and GWBP will provide all materials apart from bicycle wheels each participant will need to bring their own.

*Caprolactone is a biodegradable low temperature melt thermoplastic. It can be combined with other materials including fabric and timber to form an extremely strong jointing method. The material can be reformed and reused with further application of heat – allowing you to quickly amend and modify your design. These unique material properties enable those with limited skill or ability in making a quick, easy and accessible route to expressing their ideas three dimensionally.

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