Dragnet Girl


Director: Yasujirô Ozu
Cast: Kinuyo Tanaka, Joji Oka, Sumiko Mizukubo
Year: 1933
Running Time: 1h 36m
Country: Japan

Director Yasujirô Ozu’s silent crime masterpiece is a beautifully composed neon-lit melodrama set in the smoky pool halls and boxing clubs of Yokohama. We follow tough-talking good-time gal Tokiko and her small- time hoodlum boyfriend Joji. The film was one of Ozu’s most popular and critically acclaimed films in Japan on its release.

In this special event, an all-new live score, commissioned by the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema in March 2014, will accompany the film.

Dates Showing: Sunday 1 June
Show Times: 20:00 

Tickets cost £10 full price / £7.50 concession