Asparagus Piss Raindrop Infesting Transmission

  • Transmission Gallery 28 King St Glasgow, G1 5QP United Kingdom

Asparagus Piss Raindrop is a multi limbed crypto-conceptual science-fiction anti-band formed from a dreadful, ever expanding pool of improviser/composer/performers. APR composition arises from contingency; how can we do things otherwise? The music is never repeated and the same group of players never performs more than once.

Transmission have invited Asparagus Piss Raindrop to infest the gallery for a period of five weeks from mid October through to November. This period of work marks the beginning of a year long development for the group where they will produce a portfolio of new work for international and local performance in 2015. Their methodology is properly collaborative and pushes composition into new realms and forms. This methodology draws on anthropology, contingency, autonomous (and/or corruptible) spaces, ritual, forms borrowed from the animal queendom, arcane games, Miss Spent Youth, abduction cults, group behaviour turned in on itself.

Their 2012 composition Breakfast Bombs the Inevitable was performed simultaneously at the CCA, Glasgow and Helper Projects in New York. Their black metal yoga composition Dream Within a Dream: last night we died in a plane crash was performed at the Tectonics Glasgow Festival 2013 occupied several parts of Glasgow’s City Halls simultaneously, consecutively and horribly. In 2014 they were commissioned to produce new work for Tectonics Iceland resulting in a three hour bacterial composition for CPU dust and amplified glands that synthetically fused the performers (drawing their movements, aesthetics and behaviour from slug reproduction) with the asophogeal node points of Harpa concert hall; choking the building in a tour de farce.

Performers so far include: Fritz Welch, Neil Davidson, Liene Rozite, Julia Letitia Scott, Stuart Arnot, John Cromar, Tuukka Asplund, Michelle Letowska, Ben Knight, Annie Crabtree, Catherine Robb, Paige Martin, Nathan Gwynne, Lea Cummings, Armin Sturm, Penny Chivas, Anna McLaughlan, Lucy Duncombe, Alan McKendrick, Peter Nicholson, Iain Campbell F-W, Michael Duch, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Nickolaus Typaldos, Zerek Kempf, Reuben Lorch-Miller.


1st November: performance of work in progress; the culmination of the first two weeks of the residency. 

Part 1 runs from 4 – 6pm. Part 2 runs from 8pm and features APR offshoot Yoke of Blood.

8th November: large scale modular group activity with (in)appropriate formalities

15th November: performance of further work arising out of weeks 3 and 4 of the residency; an installation / symposium / performance / séance.