Rebecca Torres

Rebecca Torres

Alistair Ogilvy interviews Rebecca Torres, one of Glasgow's most talented young fashion designers. Rebecca studied Fashion Design and Manufacturing at Cardonald College before going on to study Fashion Business at Caledonian University and specialises in luxurious sports led fabrics. She has received compliments from the likes of Vogue and enjoyed a sell out collection on 

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Your use of strong block colours and geometric patterns seem to be a prevalent part of your designs; would you say this is your signature style? Where does the inspiration come from when you choose colours and patterns?

Yes I would say this has become my signature style, I feel its good to have a strong brand identity and look. I have always found that if I try to force myself to find inspiration it very rarely works. For me the most important aspect is to stay open to new ideas. For example one of my collections was influenced by an article I came across in an old magazine about women’s roles in computer programing in the 50s, after some research I discovered that the first computer programmer was a women called Ade Lovelace. This became the foundation for the collection Programming Require Patience.

We really love your ‘Dimensions’ collection, it has something futuristic about it but also maybe a hint of 60’s fashion, can you tell us more about the concept behind this collection?

As a designer I have always been interested by how fabric can alter a person's perception. the potential, on a daily basis, for people to re-invent themselves and by association their outlook on the world. This led to the creation of my new collection dimensions influenced by both the aesthetic of 60's/70's science fiction cinema (there vision of the future through the lens of the past) and quantum theory specifically the mwi (many world’s interpretation). I became fascinated with the possibility that there could be infinite version’s of ourselves, each unique and yet the same. These influences became core components of this lustrous collection creating garments both in keeping with my signature aesthetic while incorporating new visually arresting geometric prints. 

Your designs beautifully accentuate the female form in an elegant way, the Length of many of your pencil, tapered in dresses and skirts maybe give off a sense of 1950’s fashion is there inspiration from around that era?  

To be honest I didn’t have that era in mind at all. I just design what I feel is right and go with it. Of course subconsciously I’ll be influenced by something but it doesn’t tend to come to me until I’ve designed my collection. 

Does Glasgow inspire you as a place? It certainly has a gritty glamour to it, has it influenced your designs?

Yes Glasgow has great architure and art all around that I would say has an influence on my work. It’s a very creative place to be.

I’ve noticed you use a lot of sporty fabrics, what materials do you like working with best?

Yes most of the fabrics we use are sportswear led fabrics so they tend to have a lot of stretch and which fits into the aesthetic we create. We like to evolve with what we use so there isn’t a particular fabric that we like the most. 

I always feel one should love the clothes they wear, and keep a wardrobe full of quality instead of quantity; you talk about re-inventing oneself with clothes, personally what do you think about image and the way it affects ones confidence?

For me confidence has to come from within, however saying that, I feel that what we wear can have a massive effect on how we see ourselves. I’m not saying that you have to look like the models in the magazines, I think its important for anyone to be themselves and to feel comfortable and to wear the clothes that makes them feel truly amazing. Which for me as a designer I’m always trying to achieve.

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