Ramses Radi

Ramses Radi

An interview with Ramses Radi.

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When was it you decided to become a photographer? 

In my case, when I was a kid I used to spend all of my time taking pictures. I thought that probably means something.

We feel that Your fashion photography has a very romantic feel, do you agree? how would you describe your style?

Really? It could be, most of my inspiration comes from painters but I'm always trying to get the balance between the old school of painters and the clean fashion Style of the 90's.

How do you feel when you take pictures on set? 

Better when I've already found what I was looking for. It always takes me a while find what I want and normally it is not easy at all. That is the most important part, because it is when you start checking how long you can play and test the communication between yourself as a photographer and the model. In my opinion, the photographer and model need to have a relationship without words, it should be just an understanding between movements and flashes.

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Have you ever struggled to get inspired on a photo shoot? If so how would you over come this?

Yes I have in the past. It's always really difficult to work with someone who doesn't want to wear anything. In that circumstance you should call their agency because they aren't being professional and the company are paying them to work. 

Can you tells us about any tricks of the trade you use on a photo shoot?

Try to keep as much information you can in your RAW pictures, don't try to finish your image when you're shooting. This is not film anymore and you never know when you are going to need those pixels. And one more thing, I guess it's not a trick but you have to keep in mind the following: don't confuse a glamour and fashion shoot for pictures for an erotic calendar. Try to always keep your work elegant and clean.

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Your use of editing is really interesting, we especially like the lightning in one of your fashion shots, what do you enjoy more the photography or the editing? and do you think it’s import for a photographer to be able to do their own editing?

Nowadays we can have control of almost the whole process. So the post-production is really important. I really enjoy working with photoshop. However sometimes I have to spend many hours in post-production, I would say: sometimes too much. I think it is important for a photographer to be able to do your own editing because it's the best chance to put your ideas into practice and complete your creative process.

Now with photography one can literally paint, but instead of paint with light (that's what all the classic photographers said) We catch the paintings with our camera and we paint with our laptop.  

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If you could photograph anyone who would it be and why?

Alyssa Miller. All you have to do is google her and enjoy the pictures.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Currently I'm working with a couple of really good designers, Holiday & Capital. We are going to shoot their summer collection. Those guys are really good, last time they surprised me with a really cool spring collection inspired by the 80s that was then published in a magazine from New York city.

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