Kate V Robertson

As Glasgow International draws to a close Rachel Woodside reflects on the work of Kate V Robertson exhibiting in an unorthodox space in Oxford House.

Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

Earlier this month, we invited Karlie Wu - 3rd year Painting and Printmaking student and founder of Glasweigan Westwood - to share her interpretation on the Lighthouse's latest offering. Titled 'Hello, My Name is Paul Smith', this latest exhibition showcases as much as it gallerizes the life and studio space of the English Designer.

Sybren Renema

We take a look into the work of Dutch-born Artist and Musician Sybren Renema, whose conceptual based works often follow an academic line of enquiry. 

Kim Moore

"I'm scared of getting stuck doing the same thing, trapped in a ball of lethargic 'okayness'." We speak to Glasgow based composer and creative, Kim Moore about her many artistic practices and collaborations following the split single release under the pseudonym WOLF. 

Interview with Recoat

Recoat are an Arts Enterprise focused on promoting Street Art Culture within a public realm, founded by Amy Whiten and Ali Wyllie over ten years ago. Since closing their Gallery in Glasgow's West End in 2013, the pair have thrown themselves into a number of different projects both for and by local communities across Scotland and abroad, encouraging the public to take creative ownership of the spaces they live in outwith the gallery walls. We talk to Recoat about their latest projects.

Starting Again

Jenny Coyne interviews Conor Ashleigh, a photographer currently exhibiting his latest project 'Starting Again', commissioned by the British Red Cross. Conor spent six weeks with four families from Syria, Iran and Sri Lanka who have all been reunited in Glasgow.

Emma Crichton

Emma Crichton is one of those artists who doesn’t make a song and dance about their work, but she should! it is an artist like Emma that makes Glasgow art special. When Emma first showed me her images I was instantly transported to her vibe and intentions with her unique style.


Introducing 'JUS SOLI', a brand new thought provoking short film nominated for the Document Film Festival which will be screening this Saturday at the CCA.


Since its inception in 1984, The Turner Prize has heralded some of the UK’s finest contemporary artists to date. The Turner Prize is held annually in order to award one of four specially nominated British artists for an exceptional exhibition held within the year. The prize itself is £40,000 and a life-long legacy known to have controversial impact on any individual career. The catch? Be innovative, and under 50.